BidCurios is proud to present to you a free webinar on Collecting Art with Dr. Anamika Biswas. In the webinar we will cover:

  • Why collect art
  • Collecting art as an investment
  • How to start collecting art
  • Things to keep in mind when buying original art
  • Where to buy original art

This webinar would be of interest to you if:

  • You are an art collector
  • You are looking to start collecting art
  • You are an artist
  • You want to make a career in art
  • You are associated with any art related publication

Free webinar on collecting art

Dr. Anamika Biswas has obtained her M.A. and PhD degrees in History of Art from the National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology, New Delhi. She has been active in the field of Heritage and Cultural Development and Management for the last 20 years. She commenced her professional journey with UNESCO – ICOMOS project for digital documentation of museum collections for more than fifteen museums in India which included Mumtaz Mahal Museum, Patna State Museum, Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad, Bodhgaya and Nalanda Museums, etc. Her recent projects include Design & Development for Bihar Museum, Conceptualization of Tansen Museum in Madhya Pradesh, Design and Conceptualization of Surajkund International Craft Mela in Faridabad, Design and Implementation of International Gitamahotsav in Kurukshetra, India. She was also attached to the National Museum, Delhi, National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology, Delhi and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi as Guest Faculty. She has authored a book on Modern Sculptor – RamKinker Baij and has published a number of articles in art journals.