Date: 15 Jul 2020

BidCurios the first Bidding and Ecommerce online marketplace in India focussed only on Collectible Items. Bid Curios is specifically focused on offering the best collectibles that you can buy through auction process or directly, based on price set by sellers. Our goal is to create a marketplace for all, big and small sellers, who can offer their collectibles for sale and offer to highest bidder in the online auction. As buyers you can participate in auctions or buy based on the price set by sellers.

Seller Terms & Conditions:

  • Maintaining your online store
    • You will be responsible for uploading products for sale and managing your store.
    • You can run your own auctions. When you create a product, you can mark it as an auction there.
    • You will get email alerts when you get orders or when customers bid on your auctions.
    • Typically email alerts will be sent from or Please check your Spam folder in case you are not receiving email alerts. Also mark emails from as not-junk to avoid missing out on email updates.
  • Shipping:
    • Seller will ship the items promptly within 3 days of receiving the confirmed order. Confirmed order is where payment is not pending, and it will typically show as Processing in the order status.
    • When you ship your order, please mark it as Shipped and update tracking number on the order.
    • Standard shipping charges will be charged from the customer. These charges will be passed on to you.
    • Following shipping charges will be charged from the customers:
Shipping ClassIndiaInternationalDescription
Free shipping00Optional for seller
Letter size60180Typically for letter-sized packets for stamps, minisheets, bank notes etc. Speed Post shipping expected in India. Registered Post shipping required for international.
Manila size80262Typically for covers etc. Speed Post shipping expected in India. Registered Post shipping required for international.
Large size100375typically for coins or albums etc. Speed Post or Registered Parcel Post shipping expected. Registered Post shipping required for international.
Heavy items2501000Typically for small antiques and artifacts. Registered Parcel Post shipping expected
Bulky items5001500Typically for antiques and heavy objects. Registered Parcel Post shipping expected
Insured shipping6% of sale value7% of sale valueInsured shipping required
  • If shipping class is not specified, default lowest value will be charged.
    • You can also offer Free shipping by selecting that class for your products.
    • Please set the appropriate shipping for each of your products when uploading your products on your store.
    • Combined shipping is enabled by default. The customer pays the highest amount valid for products in each per order.
    • You are also free to use any reliable courier service if preferred.
    • In case of high value shipments, you are encouraged to use insured shipment. This may be additional charge to customer based on value of the order and will be handled from backend.
    • In case the customer selects products from multiple sellers in one order, the shipping charge will be divided between the sellers based on value of items.
    • Seller will be responsible for any loss of package during shipment. Full refund will be provided to customer in case of lost package. In case of high value please use insured shipment to avoid losses.
  • Returns, Refunds and Cancellations
    • A collector can cancel before the product is shipped. Full refund will be provided to the client in case the order is cancelled before shipping.
    • A refund may also be provided if the item does not reach the buyer. Please ship high value items as insured shipping.
    • A refund will be provided to the collector if incorrect product is shipped or counterfeit or fraud product is sent instead of the one listed on the website.
    • It is advisable to keep pictures/videos of shipment you are sending, in case of disputes with customer.
    • At this time we are not accepting unconditional returns from customers. However it is expected that you pack the product well so it doesn’t get damaged during shipment.
  • Seller Fee and other charges
Listing Fee (other than Special Categories)*50 products listing free at any given time.
Fee for up to 200 listings — Rs. 236 (incl GST) per month paid in advance
Unlimited listings — Rs. 2360 (incl GST) per year paid in advance
Auctions are available only for paid listings.
Net Deduction including GST and Sales Commission*15% on total invoice value before promotional discounts. This includes 5% GST on most collectibles. If your collectible falls in higher / lower GST category, the deduction will be GST% + 10%.
Promotions and DiscountsFor Buy Now products, the seller is free to offer discounted price on their products. Commission will be charged on total invoiced value after discounts.
Seller can Opt in for Store Promotions and Sale Events. In this case, seller bears the promotional discount passed to the customer. BidCurios will charge sales commission on pre-discount value.
Featured Product listing / AuctionSeller can opt for highlighting their product as Featured Product or Featured Auction. This will be additional promotional charge on weekly basis.
Featured StoreSeller can opt for having their store listed on Homepage as Featured Store. This will be additional promotional charge on weekly basis.
*Fee in special categoriesArt is considered special category. Fee in special categories will be different from fee in all other categories.
Listing fee in Art category will be Rs. 590 per month (incl. GST) for up to 20 listings.
Products in Art category will attract 15% 18% sales commission plus 12% GST. Total 30% deduction from invoice value. (changes updated on 24 Aug 2020)
  • Payments:
    • Payments will be released after confirmation of receipt of material by the client.
    • Payments will be made twice a month between 10th and 15th and 20th of the month and between 26th and 30th 1st and 7th of the following month for all confirmed shipments. (changes updated on 11 Aug 2020)
    • In case of any refunds, the same will be adjusted against your pay-out.

The above terms and conditions are part of the introductory offer and will be applicable till 31 Dec 2020. These will be reviewed in Dec 2020 and are subject to change from 1 Jan 2021.

Please acknowledge your acceptance to the above terms and conditions in the registration form.