To add your own auction product, click on Auction from the left menu in Vendor Dashboard. This is the third option from bottom in the left menu. Next select ADD NEW AUCTION PRODUCT button on top right. This will open the page where you will be able to create a new auction product.

Basic Details

Add basic detail about the product including product name, short description, product category, product tags and product image. Contact Admin in case you want to add more categories and tags.

Auction Details

Next update the Auction fields for the auction product.

Item conditionSelect if the item is new or used
Auction typeSelect Normal for products where highest bid should win. Reverse auction is when you want the lowest bid to win.
Enable proxy bidding for this auction productCheck this to allow automatic bidding in your auction. This allows buyers to enter their maximum bid and the website will automatically bid for them in bid increments. This option must be selected for all your auctions.
Start PriceEnter the starting price you want for your product
Bid incrementsThis is typically used for new bids only. There is an auto bid increment that’s been set up but the system still requires this field to be filled.
Reserved priceIf you want that your product should not be sold below a certain price, enter it here
Buy it now priceEnter the price that allows buyers to buy the product without participating in the auction. This price is applicable only if the auction has not yet started. Once a user places a bid, this price will no longer be visible to users.
Auction Date – StartSelect date and time when you want the auction to start
Auction Date – EndSelect date and time when you want the auction to end

Bid Increments

Following are bid increment slabs that are defined by the system:

Current bidBid Slab
0 – 10010
101 – 30020
301 – 50030
501 – 1,00050
1,001 – 10,000100
10,001 – 50,000500
50,001 – 1,00,0001,000

Price realized in the auction is inclusive of GST.