When your product is sold elsewhere, you must mark it as out of stock on BidCurios. Please see the video for how to mark your product out of stock. If you don’t mark your product out of stock, it is possible that customers may order that product.

In case a product in an order is no longer available, you need to initiate a refund for that product.

First open the order for which you need to issue a refund.

Next select Request Refund for that order.

Next update the following in your refund request and complete the refund request.

1. Update the number of items you want to refund.

2. If you are refunding all item in the order, you also need to refund full shipping. In this case, type shipping rate and corresponding GST charged.

3. Type the reason for refund. Mention product name in the reason. The Reason for refund you enter here is visible to the customer of the order. In case your order has multiple items and you are refunding one of the items then please mention the name of the item you are refunding so customer is aware what item is not being sent.

4. Make sure you uncheck Restock refunded items option. If this is checked, then after refund has been approved the item will show in stock again on your store and someone can order it again.

5. Finally click Refund Manually. Please do not click Refund via Razorpay as sometimes there may be an issue with connectivity with Razorpay.

Once you click Refund Manually, a refund request is sent to the site admin. The site admin examines the request and approves it, before making a refund to the customer.