Following discount options are available to sellers on BidCurios. These are in addition any site-wide discounts that might be applicable at the time.

Storewide Discount

Sellers can enable storewide discount. They can offer a percentage of discount based on minimum order value. To enable this, go to your Store Settings and scroll down for this option.

Discount Coupons

Sellers can from time to time create coupon codes that are applicable to their products only. Go to Coupons section in your seller dashboard and select Add New Coupon button.

When you create a coupon code and select All products, please note that the coupon code is valid only for products in your store at the time of creating the coupon. If you add new products, you will need create new coupon (or delete old one and create new one with same name) again.

Bulk Discount Option

If you have many pieces of a particular item, you can also enable bulk discount for that specific product. For this edit the product for which you have multiple stock units.

First update the inventory for the product to update stock quantity available.

Next scroll down to Discount Options section and check Enable bulk discount option. Then enter minimum quantity and its corresponding discount percentage.

PLEASE NOTE: Discounts you offer on your store and products will run in addition to the site-wide promotions applicable at the time.