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Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through these frequently asked questions first.

We don’t buy items directly. We are a marketplace providing you a platform for connecting with buyers. Because we are focussed only on collectibles, we target to a niche audience who are interested in collecting these items. If you want to sell your items, you need to register as a seller and list your items. When your coins or stamps or other items sell, we will deduct commission and transfer the money in your bank account.

We request that you do your own research on what your items are worth. We can help you identify the coin/stamp you have and provide you with information about the price range it typically sells in the market. However this is a paid service. Minimum charge for identification and evaluation is Rs. 2000 for up to 40 coins or stamps. Payment needs to be made in advance. You will send us clear pictures and we will provide you information about your coins or stamps.

In our experience, 99.9% of the times if you have coins / stamps that you found lying around your house are typically common coins/stamps, even if they may be hundreds of years old, that may fetch you a few hundred rupees or a few thousand rupees if you work at presenting the items well and selling them online.

BidCurios is primarily focussed on collectibles. So you can sell anything that people might find interesting to collect. These could include stamps, coins, art, antiques, and other collectibles like matchbox labels, vintage toys and models, vintage papers, old postcards, vintage books and magazines etc.

BidCurios is the right platform for you if:

  • You are a dealer or an experienced collector
  • You know about your stamps/coins/notes/collectibles
  • You know their catalogue value and their market value
  • You are willing to research about your collection yourself before you list them
  • You want to sell your own original artworks

BidCurios is not the right platform for you if:

  • You have a few stamps/coins/notes lying around, and believe these are worth lacs of rupees
  • You have seen postings on Indiamart or OLX, or partially seen a video on YouTube and similar sites/platforms and feel your coins/notes/stamps are worth lacs of rupees
  • You want to list your items without price and get offers for them
  • You only want buyers contact details and want to interact with them directly
  • You are impatient to sell your collection

Yes, you can sell your paintings and drawings. And even sculptures and other art forms like photographs etc.

Deductions from sale depends on the item category and listing plan and is in the 15% to 30% range.

Net deduction may vary based on GST rate for the product listed.

You can start for free with listing up to 200 items at any time. There is no listing charge, and only commission deduction applies when your item sells.

If you want to list more than 200 items, you can select our quarterly or annual listing plan.

Yes, you need to pay listing fee in advance. Your listing duration will start only when your account is enabled for adding products.

In the plans shown below simply select the plan you want to opt for and click Choose Plan. You will be taken to the listing fee page where you can add listing fee to the cart and proceed to check out and make the payment.

Product sales depends on a lot of factors, including the product itself, how it is presented, its pricing etc. For art it also depends on who the artist is. There are many variables to ensuring sales of a product. BidCurios does not guarantee your particular product will sell. However we will do our best to promote your products as part of our digital marketing campaigns and provide visibility on our social media platforms. Rest assured, it is in our best interest to maximize sales on our platform.

When you receive an order on our site, you will be expected to pack the item properly for shipping. You can opt to ship your order directly to the customer or let BidCurios to handle shipping. We will provide you with guidelines on how to ship the items to the customer. If you want BidCurios to handle shipping, the shipping cost will not be shared with you during your payout.

We process payments weekly on Sunday and Monday for the previous week for all orders shipped and confirmed received by the customers during the period.

Payment will be transferred to your bank account that you provide in the settings page of your seller dashboard. We transfer payouts through NEFT or IMPS. We do not use any other method for seller payouts. You must have an Indian bank account to receive payouts for your sales.

The BidCurios seller advantage:

  • Focused on only Collectible items, no clutter of home décor or utility items.
  • Secure payments using industry standard payment gateway.
  • List products on fixed price, or sale price.
  • Run your own auctions by listing products as an auction. You control the starting bid, reserve price, and start and end time of the auction.
  • Many useful seller features that give you full control over your online store and products:
    • Unique Store URL listing only your products for you to share with your customers
    • Seller coupons – you can set up your own discount coupons that will be valid only on your products
    • Storewide discounts – enable discounts only for your products based on minimum order
    • Product inquiry – get email alerts when customers inquire about your products
    • Vacation settings – let your customers know when you go on vacation
    • Shipping Settings – let customers know how long you will take ship an order

How to Start Selling on BidCurios

Now that you have read through the frequently asked questions about our website, please use the following process to start selling on BidCurios.

1. Register as a Seller

To sell on BidCurios, you need to register as a seller. Sign up as a seller here. Select “I am a Seller” when you are registering your account and fill in your details.

If you already have a collector account, select My Account – My Dashboard and then select Become a Seller. Read the Terms and Conditions to become a seller and check I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before proceeding.


2. Upload your verification documents

After your self registration is complete, submit your verification documents via email to BidCurios support email ID. You can submit JPG or PDF file. Please provide all relevant pages of Passport, and both sides of Aadhaar and Driving license.


3. Wait for verification approval

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your ID to be verified. In case there are any discrepancies, or if any additional information is required, we will get in touch with you through email. Till the time your seller account is not verified, you will see an error on your seller dashboard.

After the verification is complete, you will receive an email intimating you that your seller account is now active for listing products.


4. Start listing your items

Once your account has been verified and approved for selling, you can start listing your items. Your Seller Dashboard has a Seller Help section that provides you with documentation to help you list your items.

All your listings will go through a quality check before going live for customers. Please allow 24 hours for your listings to be live and visible for customers.


5. Select your seller plan and make the payment

In case you want to list more items than available in the free plan you will need to select the appropriate listing plan for you and make the payment online before your items can go live on the site. Select the plan below and make the payment online.

Seller Listing Plans

Get started here



Collectibles and Art
Up to 200 listings
15% to 30%
Featured Items
Featured Store

Volume listings

Quarterly Listing Plan

Rs. 1062 for three months

Collectibles and Art
Up to 500 listings
15% to 30%
Featured Items
Featured Store

Best Value

Annual Listing Plan

Rs. 3540 for one year

Collectibles and Art
Unlimited listings
15% to 30%
Featured Items
Featured Store

* Deduction from sale value after deducting order GST and shipping depending on product category. Order value includes any promotional discounts.

Discounts and Promotions

Promotions and Discounts

For Buy Now products, the seller is free to offer discounted price on their products. Commission will be charged on total invoiced value after discounts.

Seller can Opt in for Store Promotions and Sale Events. In this case, seller bears the promotional discount passed to the customer. BidCurios will charge sales commission on pre-discount value.

Featured Product listing / Auction

Seller can opt for highlighting their product as Featured Product or Featured Auction. This will be additional promotional charge on weekly basis. Featured Store Seller can opt for having their store listed on Homepage as Featured Store. This will be additional promotional charge on weekly basis.