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Sikandar Lodi Tanka Billon coin

Sikandar Lodi Tanka Billon coin

Sikandar Lodi was the Sultan of Delhi between 1489 and 1517. He was the second and most successful sultan of the Lodi dynasty. He conquered the states of Dholpur, Bidar, Gwalior, Chanderi and other nearby kingdoms. He made a treaty with Alauddin Hussain Shah and his kingdom of Bengal. Sikandar’s empire extended from the Punjab to the borders of Bengal and included the territories between Sutlej and Bundelkhand. In 1503, he commissioned the building of the present-day city of Agra. Sikandar Lodi gave ample evidence of his qualities as a general, as an administrator, a consolidator of the empire and a man of letters.

  • Obv: Al mutawakkil ala rahman Sikander Shah Bahlul Shah sultan
  • Rev: Fi zaman amir al mu minin khulidat khilafatahu
  • Weight: 9.3gm
  • Diamete: 18mm

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