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Sher Shah Suri coin

Sher Shah Suri coin

Suris Dynasty was founded by the powerful medieval Pashtun (Afghan) conqueror of Indian nationality. Sher Shah, whose real name was Farid Khan. Sher Shah managed to escape in the battle of Chausa on June 26 1539, but in the battle of Bilgram on May 17, 1540. He defeated Mughal Emperor Humayun. The dynasty was made-up of Afghans

They ruled Delhi Sultanate between 1540 and 1556. Their rule came to an end by a defeat that led to restoration of the Mughal Empire. Humayun reoccupied, Punjab, Lahore and sent his army to do battle with the last king of Suri Dynasty, Sikandar Shah. Sikandar Shah was defeated and Humayun re-enter Delhi in A.D 1555 (A.H 962) Thus re-started the Mughal dynasty. This marked the end of the Suri dynasty.

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