Purana Mandir – IND 1032 – LP Record, Condition – 95%

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Purana Mandir – IND 1032 – LP Record, Condition – 95%, Cover – Original..

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Purana Mandir – IND 1032 – LP Record, Condition – 95%, Cover – Original – Purana Mandir (Hindi for The Old Temple) is a 1984 Hindi feature film, produced and directed by the Ramsay brothers. It is a horror film chronicling the story of the monster-demon, Samri. The Soundtrack were composed by Ajit Singh. It is considered to be a cult classic film in India. A Telugu film called Arundhati, which was a blockbuster, was made in the same linesThe film opens with a scene taking place some 200 years ago, with the royal procession of Raja Harimansingh of the sultanate of Bijapur, stranded near the Kali Pahari (literally, black mountain). The Raja is concerned because his daughter Princess Rupali has disappeared near the lair of the devil-worshipper Samri (Ajay Agarwal). The princess wanders into the ruins of an old fortress and is promptly captured and tortured by the villainous Samri. His trademark attack is mesmerizing the hapless victim apparently sucking out their life force through the eyes, causing their natural eyes to be replaced with demonic white shades. During this process, Samri’s eyes gleam blood red. Raja Harimansingh catches Samri in this terrible act and orders the soldiers to capture him.Samri is put on trial, where his terrible litany of crimes is read. He has performed various heinous acts to please his demonic spirit masters and enhance his own evil powers. He has raped and disembowelled newly-wed brides; he has mutilated and cannibalized young children; he has — it shocks the crier as he reads out this charge — exhumed corpses for sacrifice and eating; and he has terrorized the hamlets surrounding Bijapur with his reign of evil. While the rajpurohit (royal priest) suggests Samri be subjected to pure Agni i.e. to be cremated, the Raja proposes another sentence—Samri is to be decapitated, with the headless body to be buried behind the old temple at Kalighat and the head secured in a strong-box to be kept at the Raja’s haveli (mansion). The strongbox is chained with a trishul (trident, the weapon of the Hindu God Shiva) to hold the evil in thrall. Samri pronounces his curse upon the Raja: “So long as my head is away.

Record Details
Title Purana Mandir – IND 1032
Star Cast Mohnish Behl, Aarti Gupta, Puneet Issar, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Pradeep Kumar, Satish Shah, Anirudh Agarwal, Jagdeep, Sadhana Khote, Rajendra Nath, Dheeraj Kumar, Leena Das, Asha Lata, Lalita Pawar, Vijay Arora, Narendra Nath, Preeti Sapru, Trilok Kapoor, Alka Noopur
Singer Asha Bhosle, Ajit Singh, Mahendra Kapoor & AlkaYagnik
Director Tulsi Ramsay & Shyam Ramsay
Producer Kanta Ramsay
Music Ajit Singh
Lyrics Amit Khanna, Gitanjali Singh & Asha Rani
Releasing Year 1984
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label CBS
Made In India
Manufacture CBS Gramophone Records & Tapes India Ltd
Serial No. IND 1032
Side One
Woh Beete Din
Asha Bhosle
Main Akeli Raat Jawan
Asha Bhosle
Woh Beete Din
Ajit Singh
Side Two
Shiv Shiv Shankar
Mahendra Kapoor
Hum Jispe Marte The
AlkaYagnik & Chorus
Woh Beete Din
Ajit Singh
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condition – 95%
Cover Condition – Excellent-(As Per photo)

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