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Mohd Ghori coin, Jittal, Bull & Horseman

Mohd Ghori coin, Jittal, Bull & Horseman

Muhammad bin Sam, popularly known as Muhammad of Ghor, was the first to establish Islamic rule in India. He occupied northern and north-western territories and his rule spread till the Gangetic Valley and included parts of Bihar and Bengal. Muhammad bin Sam returned to Ghazni leaving his slave and trusted general, Qutbuddin Aibak, to look after his Indian territories in an administrative capacity. After Sam’s death, Aibak ruled over the territory in India as the Sultan, thereby establishing the Delhi Sultanate. His successor, Iltutmish moved the capital from Lahore to Delhi.

  • Year: 1210-1235 AD
  • Composition: Copper
  • Value: 1 Jittal
  • Obv: Stylized horseman right, Lettering: Stylized horseman right
  • Rev: Stylized recumbent bull left, Lettering: Mahamad Sam


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