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Mohd Bin Sam, Ghorids of Ghazna, Billon Jital (Dehlival) coin

Mohd Bin Sam, Ghorids of Ghazna, Billon Jital (Dehlival) coin

Sultan Shahāb-ud-Din Muhammad Ghori, originally called Mu’izzuddīn Muḥammad Bin Sām (and also referred to by Orientalists as Muhammad of Ghor and famously known as just Ghori) (1150 – March 15, 1206), was one of the rulers of the Ghurid dynasty from the famous house of Sur who were rulers of Ghor for five hundred years.

Muhammad’s billon coins were modeled on the “bull and horseman” coins originated by the Shahis, but then adopted also by the Rajputs and other dynasties.These jitals were called DEHLIVAL as a consequence of their source.

  • Obverse: ull to left, in front and above in miedeaval nagari script Asavari / Sri Samanta Deva
  • Reverse: Shri Pri-thvi Raja Deva.
  • Weight: 3.34gm
  • Dia: 14-15mm

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