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Japan 1980 50 Yen – Shōwa

Japan 1980 50 Yen – Shōwa

The first 50 yen coins were released in 1955 featuring a chrysanthemum flower viewed from the side on the reverse, and a stylized ancient weight on the obverse. Three different designs were used for the 50 yen coin which included adding a hole in the center, and reducing the coin’s size. The decision to hole the center of the coin came with a new design in 1959 due to public protest. Problems with the first 50 yen coin centered around its similarity to the 100 yen coin as both coins had similar designs at the time, and neither had perforated edges. This new holed design dropped the stylized weight on the obverse, and shows a chrysanthemum flower viewed from above on the reverse.

  • Year: 1980
  • Obs: Center hole flanked by chrysanthemum flowers, authority on top and value below
  • Rev: Value in large font above the center hole with the date below
  • Translation: Year 42 of Shōwa

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