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Ghaznavid Dynasty coin

Ghaznavid Dynasty coin

The Ghaznavid dynasty was a Turko-Persian Muslim dynasty of Turkic slave Origin, who ruled northern parts of the Indian subcontinent from 977 to 1186. The dynasty was founded by Sebuktigin, upon his succession to rule of Ghazna (modern-day Ghazni Province in Afghanistan) after the death of his father-in-law, Alp Tigin, who was a break-away ex-general of the Samanids from Balkh, north of the Hindu Kush in Khorasan.

The coins of Mahmud Ghazni struck in India with Arabic and Sanskrit legends on obverse and reverse respectively, show a number of varieties in so far as the legends, the dates and the lettering and its arrangements are concerned. Coinage of Mas’ud I of Ghazni, were derived from Shahi designs, with the name of Mas’ud in Arabic.

  • Year: 977 to 1240 AD
  • Weight: 3.27gm
  • Dia: 15mm

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