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Art Print, Naval Engagement, Artist Unknown

Art Print, Naval Engagement, Artist Unknown

Naval Engagement, Artist Unknown, Oil on Canvas

Print on Art Paper

Print size: 34 x 44 cm / 13.5 x 17.5 inch

With a smoke filled background of grey clouds, the composition draws attention towards the British ships sailing fiercely in this seascape. As outlined in the 1.931 catalogue, a battle scene between the British and Spanish men of war forms the subject of this painting. With a green sky in the distant background, emphasis is laid on ships moving vigorously in all directions, highlighting intense energy and strong winds. Flags of the East India Company are seen flying high above the enormous sails of the ships which are seen approaching the coastline.
A ship on fire is seen on the sea waters towards the right of the composition. Smoke clouds in circular formations represent the background while the left side of the picture shows small boats with men firing muskets. Survivors of th.e battle from the sunken ship are seen being rescued by men in another boat using the rigging and ropes of the sunken ship. The painting excels in its realistic portrayal, aptly executed with adroit brushwork.

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