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Art Print, Landscape, Artist Unknown

Art Print, Landscape, Artist Unknown

Landscape, Artist Unknown, Oil on Canvas

Print on Art Paper

Print size: 34 x 44 cm / 13.5 x 17.5 inch

Vertical mountains on the right side direct the spectator through several creative interventions in this landscape. From the distant background, a long aqueduct on an arched bridge connects with a towering round tower atop a hill on the other side. According to the 1931 catalogue written by Sir Evan Cotton, the tower resembles an Italian castle.

The foreground interweaves three interesting characters. On one side, a woman is seen mounted on a horse with a man
accompanying her on foot. Her head is turned in three quarter profile which furthermore directs the viewer’s eye towards
an Indian man on the other side. Dressed in an ochre jaina and crimson pagdi, he is portrayed lying on one of the rocks
while fishing from the water stream in his front.

The water is painted in a forceful manner, gushing downwards from the spring and turning calm as it flows into the sea.
A boat draws attention to the vast expanse of the sea waters, stretching till the background. With undulating hues of
green and brown, this landscape reveals an impeccable play of refined brushstrokes. Amidst the calmness, two dogs in the
foreground provide movement to this visual.

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