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Art Print, Irrigated Fields, Artist unknown

Art Print, Irrigated Fields, Artist unknown

Irrigated Fields, Artist unknown, Probably Late 18th century, Oil on Canvas

Print on Art Paper

Print size: 34 x 44 cm / 13.5 x 17.5 inch

According to the 1931 catalogue, this painting represents a marriage procession on its way towards the bridegroom’s house on the left. Seated on a horseback, the bridegroom is seen towards the left of the central plane in this composition while the bride occupies a closed sedan chair towards the right of the central area.

In a horizontal layout, people are seen in the foreground, engaged in varied activities whereas undulating mountains form the background with an expansive sky above them. Wearing traditional Chinese clothes in their decorative finesse, the marriage procession is seen moving atop narrow lanes upon the waters below.

In a rhythmic representation, this composition conveys an expression of happiness and joy which is visible on the faces of the figures, carrying decorative banners to mark the occasion. A naivety in the composition is seen with a small child engaged with his circular balloon while holding the hand of a male. A dog is also seen watching the marriage procession attentively, in the foreground. All the figures seem to be engaged in celebrating the joy associated with the occasion.


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