BidCurios “Make An Offer” is a type of sale in which products are sold to the highest offer. As a potential buyers, you can place your offer competing with other buyers. As a buyer you control the price you want to pay for a product you want to purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: Offers are ALWAYS in Indian Rupees, irrespective of the currency you may have selected. International buyers will need to wait for getting an USD amount before making the payment.

You don’t need to place an offer each time someone else out-offers you. BidCurios allows automatic Offers. You can enter the highest amount you want to offer for the product and BidCurios will handle your incremental offers for you without you being online all the time. To set up automatic offers, simply enter the maximum amount you would like to offer for the item. The system will make offers for you in defined increments on your behalf up to your limit. In case you are out-offered, you will be alerted on email so you can decide if you want to increase our highest offer.

Please do keep in mind that your offer is a contractual commitment to pay for the item if you win the offer. Also remember that you will pay for shipping charges too.

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