Abstract Expressionist Landscape Artist

Sundeep Bhandari’s art is a fascinating expression of thoughts, ideas, memories and illusions. He does oil paintings, mostly abstract landscapes inspired by his travels during a thirty year long career in oil and gas exploration and his paintings reflect the simultaneously vibrant energy and turbulent stillness of remote locations that he has visited and have become everlasting illusions in his mind. The magical mystery and allure of abstract landscapes have been a source of inspiration for the artist.

Sundeep’s paintings are a reflection of landscapes not in a literal likeness, but rather the subjective experience of the forms and effects of nature, the way the paint/color is applied to the canvas breaking away from traditional rules of landscape art resulting in mystifying abstracted landscapes.

Sundeep is an unconventional artist with no formal training. He only started painting in 2016, but already has a large collector base in India, New York and London, and his art has been appreciated by many art connoisseurs. He has visited many art shows, exhibitions and has visited many artist’s studios.