Sanjoy Rakshit’s creativity is spontaneous reflection of his inner feelings and sense of the moment of time. It reflects the reality of present and past. The appearances are surreal, and the lines and colours reflect their own language.

Sanjoy believes feelings are dynamic and speedy with no boundaries of time. We can only express few quantities of sense in a moment. That is valuable as he looks to recreate the moment and capture the past.

Sanjoy challenges himself to repurpose abstract impressionism in fine art with different methods & texture. He hopes to extend legacy with a lyricism and spontaneity to the complexities of cosmopolitan, contemporary art world.

■ Solo exhibition at Durgapur. Public place-1993.
■ Participated in a group exhibition, (Durgapur Information Centre-1996).
■ Participated in District exhibition 2002.
■ Participated in pottery workshop , Abhibyakti Chander, Bankura, organised by Eastern regional cultural centre.
■ Participated in workshop, Org. By West Bengal Gov. City Centre, Durgapur ( Sidhukanu indoor stadium. )
■ Participated Annual Art Fair, city centre Durgapur , since 2003–2005.
■ Participated Annual exhibition, Srijani Art Gallery, Burdwan, since 2003–2004.
■ Exhibited painting at panagarh Auditorium.
■ Participated exhibition cum workshop, Alstom Auditorium, 2004
■ Selected Eastern regional master art exhibition in Patna Art and Craft University, Org. by Camlin Ltd. Mumbai.
■ Exhibited painting, in Saatchi Museum ( LONDON), selected Saatchiarts screen showcase.
☆AWARD □ Durgapur respect by Nikhil Banga sahittya parishad.
■ Exhibited International art exhibition at the, “All India Fine Arta & Craft Society’s” , New Delhi, 2018, organised by “Gallery Artetarne”.
■ Participated for Miami selection, with Artavita. 2019.
■ Available my art work ARTSY. Net. ARTSY AUCTION PLATFORM. By Artbox gallery
■ Exhibited my painting at ARTBOX. Zurich 2.0 Switzerland, 20-25 August 2020.
■ Exhibited my 30 miniature painting, I created from 01.03.2020 to 30-03-2020, within 30 days of my every day’s feeling for 30 day’s. Subject was “ WE ARE TOGETHER ONE “ throughout covid19 by ARTBOX.GALLARY Switzerland.