Pankaj Nigam profile picture

Pankaj Nigam was born in Hamirpur, a small district in the state of UP. His father, an art teacher, was the person who introduced him to the world of art. Pankaj Nigam’s art is a fusion of art and poetry, emotion and expression, and freedom and conformity. One look at his art and you feel like you are being taken through a journey of your own soul.

Sundeep Bhandari’s art is a fascinating expression of thoughts, ideas, memories and illusions. He does oil paintings, mostly abstract landscapes inspired by his travels during a thirty year long career in oil and gas exploration and his paintings reflect the simultaneously vibrant energy and turbulent stillness of remote locations that he has visited and have become everlasting illusions in his mind. The magical mystery and allure of abstract landscapes have been a source of inspiration for the artist.

Jagmeet Singh while growing up in a typical Government employee household in the Sixties and Seventies found refuge in the myriad of art books his father collected. A deep appreciation of art ranging from Classical to Renaissance to Impressionist to Modern has been a part of his life. Having spent time in various small towns of India has left him with a rich tapestry of experiences which have shaped his thought and persona.

Dipankar’s work is weaved with urban melancholy and abstraction. He dances with forms. The enthusiasts can discover their own realities in Dipankar’s canvas. The overarching darkness and monochrome of his work reminds one of a world gone wrong. When the entire world is busy putting up the pictures of “fake-plastic trees” on the social media handle, Dipankar travels deeper into the subterranean regions of human mind. His art is not for casual stroll. His work demands your sense and sensibilities.

Sanjoy Rakshit’s creativity is spontaneous reflection of his inner feelings and sense of the moment of time. It reflects the reality of present and past. The appearances are surreal, and the lines and colours reflect their own language.

Sanjoy believes feelings are dynamic and speedy with no boundaries of time. We can only express few quantities of sense in a moment. That is valuable as he looks to recreate the moment and capture the past.

Sudip Banerjee was born in 1954, graduated from the Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship Exhibition has participated in many group shows and art camps in India, U.K, France, USA and Malaysia. Collection in major collectors in India and private collection in U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Hongkong, Sweden, Singapore, Bangladesh and USA FOUNDER “Shefalika Art Gallery” first International suburban art gallery in West Bengal. He is the Joint Secretary Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata, Member of Calcutta Painters group, A legend art organization of India.

They say Pronab Kumar Baruah drew well before he could read or write. Nature has never ceased to fascinate him probably because Assam is richly endowed with it. Trees, sky, landscapes, flowers all of these captivate him. Human emotions have stirred him as he has been growing older. All of these, have a texture as rich as classical music has nuances. Pronab’s favorite medium is watercolour as it creates atmospheric effects very well. To lend texture to some of his works he pastes fabric with texture on paper.